Project by: Kim Bohre, Eveline Brink, Bart Dohmen, Rikkert Gerits, Stefan Zwegers, and Connie Golsteijn

Year: 2009

Duration: 1 week

My role: I made the model for the compact camera, and was involved in the design and executing of the light scenario.

Goal: create light scenario for a composition of product models that emphasizes the interactions and functions of the products within a coherent story.

Design: This product composition consists of wooden models based on the functions and interactions of an electronic toothbrush, compact camera, shaver, food mixer, jigsaw, and dust buster (starting from the top center in the first photo and addressing them clockwise). Each model incorporates a product-specific handle and a transition from rough to smooth. I made the model for the compact camera, in which this transition lies in the translation from 3D, the little church and photoframe, to 2D, the shadow of these objects as a photo. The light scenario for this product composition (see movie) shows the interactions and functions of the products one by one.


The whole composition of all six products. Each team member made one product piece.

Download video: MP4 format | Ogg format

This video shows the final light interaction scenario, in which each product's function, use process and result is shown through light projections. The products are addressed in a logical sequence of product use during a day: toothbrush, shaver, jigsaw, food mixer, dust buster, camera.

The wooden model of the camera product. When projecting light from the side, the little church and photoframe cast shadows that together form the representation of a photo.

The shadows that together represent a photo. This communicates the transition from 3D to 2D a camera provides.

The wooden model of the camera product.

The light interaction for the camera: a flashlight lights the frame from the side and seeks the right composition for a picture, followed by a bright flash and a yellow projection that emphasizes the photo taken.

Interaction with the highlighted food mixer.

Light and projection exploration.