Project by: Freek Boesten, Tom Frissen, Rikkert Gerits, and Connie Golsteijn - Philips Creative Challenge

Year: 2009

Duration: 6 weeks

My role: My main responsibility was the software implementation. I implemented the interactive menu in Flash, and together with a computer science student I created a face recognition application and the necessary communication channels between remote computers.

Goal: design a product or system that enhances the feeling of hospitality in a restaurant by making guests feel welcome and wanted, and by providing tailored service.

Design: I'm is an Intelligent Menu that contributes to a personal, supportive dining experience in a restaurant. If desired, the menu can recognise guests, by means of face recognition, and adapts its content to each individual guest. The menu content and feedback are based on the guest's earlier visits and recommendations from the staff; a guest can, for example, see what menu items he or she has ordered before. I'M is part of the cash register and ordering system so the waiters can provide tailored service, and answer questions adequately.


Download video: MP4 format | Ogg format

This video explains the context and design of the Intelligent Menu concept.

The Intelligent Menu on a table in a restaurant.

The scrollbar next to the screen can be used to scroll through the menu.

The blue slide can be used to cover or uncover the underlying camera, to disable or enable face recognition.

Screenshot of the Flash implementation of the interactive menu.

The electronics in the prototype consisted of the internal hardware of a mini-laptop, including the webcam used for face recognition, and touch sensors for the slider.

The casing for the prototype was created with a 3D printer.