Designer. Maker.

Hi, I'm Connie Golsteijn. I'm a versatile designer and a maker with a wide spectrum of skills and experience. I am currently working as a UX designer, and previously I designed and created interactive physical artfifacts as an interaction designer. My weekends are often spent making household objects out of reclaimed materials.

I love moving between physical and digital practices. I strive for a 'hybrid' balance, where possible within one project, otherwise across multiple. If I've spent my week behind a computer, you'll find me wielding my power tools on the weekend.

As you scroll down on this page, you'll find my favourite designs and creations, which range from User Experience Design (the digital designs), to what I call Interactive Machines (the hybrid artifacts), and Everyday Inventions (anything else I create, mostly physical, to restore the balance).

For as long as I can remember, I have been designing and making. As I child, I was making cardboard animals with moveable limbs, or crafting elaborate backdrops for my Lego. When I was introduced to computers, I became interested in digital craft: from making a portrait of my toy mouse in Paint, and creating HTML pages about my favourite bands, to later learning to program.

During my industrial design BSc and MSc studies, I was 'academically raised' in the field of tangible interaction: I started to combine physical things with digital elements, for example using microcontrollers or incorporating displays. 'Hybrid craft', as I like to call it, also became the topic of my PhD. Ever since, I have moved between physical and digital worlds, often seeking and shattering the boundary between them, in my attempt to make the world a more hybrid place.

Featured publications

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Sens-Us: designing innovative civic technology for the public good

Golsteijn, C., Gallacher, S., Capra, L. and Rogers, Y.

Proceedings of DIS 2016. ACM Press, 39-49

Physikit: data engagement through physical ambient visualizations in the home

Houben, S., Golsteijn, C., Gallacher, S., Johnson, R., Bakker, S., Marquardt, N., Capra, L., and Rogers, Y.

Proceedings of CHI 2016. ACM Press, 1608-1619

SmallTalk: using tangible interactions to gather feedback from children

Gallacher, S., Golsteijn, C., Rogers, Y., Capra, L., and Eustace, S.

Proceedings of TEI 2016. ACM Press, 253-261

VoxBox: a tangible machine that gathers opinions from the public at events

Golsteijn, C., Gallacher, S., Koeman, L., Wall, L., Andberg, S., Rogers, Y., and Capra, L.

Proceedings of TEI 2015. ACM Press, 201-208


I'd love to hear from you if you have any questions or want to know more!