Project by: Connie Golsteijn - Bachelor graduation project for client 'Philips Research Eindhoven'

Year: 2008

Duration: 18 weeks

My role: Individual project; I was responsible for the whole design process. In this project research in the areas of design, user and technology were integrated into a coherent design. The project was started with a broad topic (cooking) and quickly specified based on user research.

Goal: design an interactive product that gives a cook a fun and encouraging way to explore new recipes.

Design: KitchenGuru makes it easier to find a suitable new recipe, by making it possible to set a number of criteria for a recipe, for example preparation time, number of servings, cuisine and ingredients. These criteria can be set by using selection cards that can be placed on the metallic border. Subsequently, a digital slider can be used to select an option on the card. A touch screen is integrated to select more subcriteria. After setting the selection criteria KitchenGuru selects three recipes that fit the criteria, and a step-by-step cooking guide can be used while cooking the chosen recipe.


Exploded view render.

Close-up render of the glass surface covering the front of KitchenGuru.

Close-up render of the drawer.

Close-up render of a selection card.

Render of KitchenGuru: in the sides there are drawers to store the selection cards.

Creating a prototype for the KitchenGuru.

The prototype consists of a compact computer and three RFID readers built into a wooden case with steel front layer.

The prototype of KitchenGuru with three selection cards attached.

Screenshot of the software used to set the criteria and search the recipe.

A prototype of the KitchenGuru system being used in the user evaluation.

On screen: the step-by-step cooking guide.

KitchenGuru in a kitchen.