Project by: Connie Golsteijn - Internship at 'Philips Research Eindhoven'

Year: 2007

Duration: 12 weeks

My role: Individual project; I was responsible for the whole design process. In this internship I designed an application for a new technology. Furthermore a structured idea selection process was used to sort and select over 400 ideas in an early phase of the project.

Goal: design an interactive music product that makes it possible to regulate the (spatial) composition of a piece of music.

Design: Moodoo is an interactive audio interface to build a spatial music composition. It consists of a spherical object with holes in it, and a number of audio sticks. Each audio stick represents a musical instrument. By placing an audio stick in a hole in the sphere, it is added to the composition and can be heard immediately. The choice of hole (left, right, up, down, etc) determines the spatial positioning of the instrument, so you will hear that instrument on the position you have placed it. Three sets of audio sticks were designed, for reggae music, hiphop music and rock music.


Download video: MP4 format | Ogg format

This video shows a possible scenario for creating a reggae composition. To fully enjoy the spatial music effect, this movie is best viewed using a headphone (and imagining being the rasta figure).

Render of the moodoo sphere with audio sticks.

Render of the three different audio sticks for rock (black one), hiphop (white one) and reggae (coloured one) music.

Render of a reggae audio stick.

Render of a hiphop music composition.

Render of a reggae music composition.

Render of a rock music composition.

Creating a prototype of Moodoo.

Wooden audio sticks were created.

Example sticks for each music style.

The sphere was made of a rubber ball with drilled holes.

The prototype with a rock composition.

Moodoo being used in the wizard-of-oz user evaluation.