Project by: Connie Golsteijn

Year: 2006

Duration: approximately 3 weeks over the summer holidays

My role: Individual project; I was responsible for the whole design process.

Goal: make a nice present for friends who had just had a daugther.

Design: Piglet is a rocking chair designed for children aged 1-4. It takes into account the body size of children in these ages and is easy accessible from the sides. The chair is made of wood and the ears are made of leather and fleece, which makes them cuddly and prevents the child from hurting itself.


The drawing of the Piglet chair.

Before building the wooden chair a cardboard version was made to get a feeling of the size and construction.

Painting the chair.

The ears are made of leather and fleece.

Backside of the Piglet chair.

The seat is decorated with flowers.