Puzzle Light


Project by: Connie Golsteijn

Year: 2006

Duration: 1 week

My role: Individual project; I was responsible for the whole design process. In this project I took a person's personality as a starting point for design, which resulted in a design that fits the person's values and characteristics.

Goal: design a light or light interaction that meets and expresses a fellow student's personality.

Design: this puzzle light was designed to meet the personality of a fellow student, which is characterized by curiosity, playfulness and patience, along with a wish for challenge and investigation. Shifting the small boxes results in different light outcomes on the sides, but you don't know beforehand what will happen. The contents of the boxes are also shifted each time, so curiosity is needed to look in each box and reach your goal.


The cubes inside the box can be used to store small objects and exploration is needed to find what you are looking for.

The Puzzle Light has a different colour light on each side.

Creation of the light box.

Each cubes has contact points on different sides to facilitate unexpected light outcomes on the sides.

Contact points inside the box are made to light LEDs on the sides.

Download video: MP4 format | Ogg format

Video collage of the personality analysis of each student as observed by another student. The design was based on these observations.