Project by: Connie Golsteijn

Year: 2008

Duration: 10 weeks

My role: Individual project; I was responsible for the whole design process. This project consisted of three iterations, each with its own design vision and concept; each new iteration increased insight in the subject. Furthermore, in the last iteration a fully working prototype was created that could be used in a 4-day user evaluation.

Goal: design a product or system that enhances the relationships and interaction between parents and young children (aged 5-7), by encouraging communication.

Design: Telly is a teddy bear that can take on the role of conversation partner for parent and child. Telly can record and playback conversations between parent and child or child and bear. The intention is that Telly is used before the child goes to bed to give it the chance to talk about its experiences. This way Telly can prevent restlessness in bed. Intimate moments of conversation are created between the parent(s) and the child where Telly is a medium to support and encourage this conversation. Furthermore, by listening back to conversations, Telly can give parents more information about the experiences of the child and help to understand and support it better.


User evaluation: father and daugther in conversation with Telly.

User evaluation: seven year old girl with Telly.

The final prototype: the lights on the belly show that he is playing the last recording.

The lights on the belly indicate the operation mode: the red light shows Telly is recording.

The electronics in Telly.

Prototyping Telly: recording and playing sound was done with a built-in MP3-player. The MP3-player was connected to a microcontroller to be able to use external buttons.

The model of the concept in the second iteration: family calendar.

The model of the concept in the first iteration: interactive photobook.